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  • short time & long time storing
  • fcl & lcl
  • temperature controlled & dry store
  • distribution as per requirement
  • outbound & inbound storage
  • 24 hrs a day
  • tracking anywhere within gcc

rammar shipping is an end-to-end logistics provider dedicated to providing innovative technologies, financial analysis, and time-proven distribution policy practices in the logistics industry. we bring solutions that exceed customer expectations.

rammar shipping services not only provides land, air and sea transportation servicesbut also handles a wide range of logistics tasks for its customers.it also handles these logistics processes for the customer and combines them with the most suitable transport solutions.rammar shipping services is responsible for operating and managing the entire supply chain for its customers.

short time & long time storing

the activity of placing goods into a store or the state of being in store (e.g. a warehouse), for a specified time or for a longer period of time till claimed by the actual customer.